I stayed home from the baseball game on Saturday to get some things done at home. I intended to clean my room, do some laundry, clean out the inside of my desktop computer and do some reading for school, but ultimately I only got my computer clean and watched The Dish.On Sunday, Dad and I went to the third and final game of the Illinois-Chicago game. They won 4-3 on Saturday. The weather could not have been better. Temperatures were pleasantly mild and it was largely sunny. Our seats today were in section 209, not as low as I might like but it’s a fine vantage point. The stadium was only about half full so I was able to move down later and shoot some passable pictures. UIC scored first with two runs in the top of the second. Tulane answered with three runs in the bottom of the third to take the lead. Tulane scored five more runs in the bottom of the fifth including a 2 RBI home run by Jared Dyer. Freshman pitcher Robby Broach from Rummel High School pitched five decent innings in his first appearance at Tulane. The final score was 9-2. After the game they let kids ‘run the bases’ on the field and the team signed autographs in the dugout. Dad and I got home sometime around five. Mom made smothered chicken for dinner. Later that evening, I sorted though the pictures I took and uploaded a good handful of them.

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