Andrey’s 21st

The ride home after work today was a bit arduous between the rain and the traffic. The road between the superdome and the arena was blocked off, which we usually use to get to the transit lane. The detour took us into the heart of some rush hour traffic which took a while to get through.Later that evening I got a cab to Andrey’s house to go to his 21st birthday party. Several of his friends and some of his immediate family were there. The evening was a pleasant amalgamation of good company, shish kabobs and vodka. Andrey did a fine job as master of ceremonies.Later in the evening, a handful of us went downtown to Club Ampersand. When we arrived at about 11 it wasn’t open yet. With about an hour to kill, we walked down Canal Street to Melange at the Ritz. Patrick managed to score us a table at right of the stage. We were there for about an hour. Half of us ordered the drinks and the rest of us just talked. Andrey eventually made a spectacle of himself and we left soon after.After leaving the Ritz we walked back to Ampersand on Tulane. This was the first time I’d ever been to the sort of club where you have to stand in a line to get in. Not long after we got there, Andrey was ‘tired’ and none of the present company particularly excelled at that sort of dancing. A couple of us got a drink and left not long after. The rest of our group didn’t have any trouble getting a cab but it took me a good while to find another one.

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