Super Fat Tuesday

When I got up this morning at quarter to ten I didn’t think we’d meet the goal of getting uptown in time to see Rex but we made it in plenty of time. Rather than take Krystle’s car, we got a ride from Dad who had somewhere to be this afternoon anyway. He dropped us a block away from St. Charles and Jackson. We walked across the street to Vizard’s and immediately saw Patrick. He invited us inside and we talked with him sporadically as he was working. Zulu was finishing up when we arrived. Later on, Patrick showed us a balcony above the restaurant and we watched some of Rex from there. Andrey and Veronica arrived not long after that. Eventually we went downstairs and watched the rest of the parade from the street.After Rex, I think, we walked down the street to meet a friend of Andrey who was set up with food and a canopy nearby. We sat with them for a while as the Elks parade started. Later in the afternoon we wandered back to Vizards, a funnel cake stand and then Krystle and I walked with Patrick, Andrey and Veronica to their car and parted ways.Since yesterday Krystle and I were planning on having dinner at the Cheesecake Bistro again but they didn’t open until five so we had about an hour to kill, which we did largely at a bar nearby as Elks continued to roll and eventually stalled for a good while. The last float had just passed at about five when the restaurant opened and we went to dinner. We were one of the first parties there but it filled up quickly. After much deliberation, I decided on the barbeque shrimp linguine and Krystle ordered the crawfish ravioli. Both dishes were excellent but I didn’t finish mine because I couldn’t leave without having some cheesecake so I saved some room. I didn’t have much though so Krystle and I just shared a piece of the chocolate praline.I heard from my Dad before dinner and he told me he was downtown watching the parades with his sister. He agreed to pick us up after dinner but it was a short while before he could reach us so we sat at the bar while we waited for him.Later that evening after we got home we watched the CNN coverage of the Super Tuesday primary results. Although a drawn out battle between the democrats is fine with me, I was very disappointed on the republican side seeing Mccain perform so well since he essentially another liberal that sticks it to his own party every chance he gets. The election is a ways off, but it’s not looking like there will anybody worth voting ‘for.’

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