Hurricane Digital Memory Bank

This weekend was rather dull although Sunday was my Dad’s birthday. I figured I’d be going out one way or another on Saturday. Christy invited me to come with her and her friends as she was going out for her 23rd birthday. I never heard back from her day-of, however. There was also a swing dancing event that same night but once I figured I wouldn’t be doing Plan A I didn’t feel like bothering to get over the river.Dad brought the doctor into the Mid-City office this afternoon to see a couple patients around one. I got a couple reports done and Dad took me to campus not long after three as it wasn’t worth the trouble for me to go out to Metairie and then back in two hours. I went to the LBC for a while, got a smoothie and caught up on log entries. At about 4:30 I walked over to the Shona’s room in Mayer to pick up my book bag and camera, which I left at Andrey’s last Friday and drop off a camera battery. I was back at the LBC for a little while before class this evening.We had a guest speaker in history in everyday life class this evening. The class was also attended by a handful of UNO students in a “Public History” class. The speaker was UNO professor Dr. Michael Mizell-Nelson of the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank. He spent most of his time describing the project in detail, which personal accounts, photos, videos and other objects of people’s personal experiences with hurricanes Katrina and Rita.Professor Lyon proceeded to engage the doctor in conversation after his presentation so class was dismissed after the downtown shuttle passed so I had to get a cab home.

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