Weather and Climate

I never made it to work this afternoon because I had to wait for DirecTV to come have a look at a problem with my receiver as well as the S%WB to come out and fix the water. We had heavy rain through the first half of the day which must have slowed down the dish people because they never showed up. It also turned out that I didn’t need to home for the water thing either. I got a cab from home to campus this afternoon and arrived not too long before class at 4:30.Today’s class was “Weather and Climate.” I thought I might find the class interesting since weather is something everyone deals with on a daily basis. The first session had little in the form of introductory remarks. It was mostly just the first lecture. Although the instructor certainly knows what he’s talking about, the class wasn’t very interesting. It may get better though. Class was dismissed at about 6:30. Dad was still at the office and I went to the LBC to wait for him. He arrived at about 7:20. I didn’t do much of anything later that evening.

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