Boxed Ethics

Dad and I got to work at 10:30 this morning. I did a few initial reports today. At about 3:30, someone came by to steam clean the carpet in the office. Dad dropped me in front of Tidewater for the 4:40 shuttle this afternoon.The class I had this evening was Ethics with Terence Hoyt. I thought this could be an interesting subject to have an elective class on. Unfortunately I almost immediately knew I’d be dropping the class when we received a two page handout detailing the required structure of the writing assignments. I know it’s bad news when the professor dictates font sizes, margins and paragraph structure. I take that as laziness and a hatred for grading papers, which as a paying student I don’t want to deal with. I sat through until the break at 7:30 and availed myself for some class participation (arguing with the instructor).At the break I called Dad who was still at the office and offered to pick me up. I waited in the LBC and typed the very sentences you are reading now. Later this evening I watched a little TV before bed.

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