Pirate Societies

Work was nice and quiet this afternoon, almost not even work. Shanda, an intern who was with us a few months ago, was just hired and started today. I showed her the joy of initial evaluation reports. She is already familiar with a lot of the other office duties.I spent a lot of time this afternoon watching the Macworld keynote coverage online. Most notable was the announcement of Macbook Air, which is almost an Apple product I would actually buy. The non-removable battery killed my enthusiasm, however.This evening’s class was Pirate Societies. I was hard pressed to find something interesting for Tuesday nights and I remembered hearing good things about the class a few years ago from a friend. The title pretty well explains what the class is about and the professor seems like a nice guy and a good teacher so I think I’m going to enjoy this class. Later this evening I went to bed “early” around midnight because I had a headache.

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