Back to School

After about a month off with the winter break, it was back to class this evening. The workday prior was rather short and uneventful. I didn’t go to the Metairie office but caught a shuttle to campus early. After sitting in the LBC for a while, I walked to Tilton Hall where this evening’s class took place. I signed up for an IT security sort of class. When I added it I was under the impression that it had to do with the hardware and software side of security, but it’s actually a management class which I’m not interested in. It only took me a few minutes to decide to drop but I sat through the whole class session since there was no break in the middle to allow a discrete exit. Late this evening I signed up for “History in Everyday Life” to replace this class.While I was barely paying attention to the class I was about to drop I was talking to Shona online and her “broken” camera came up. I offered to take a look at it and did so after class was over. I saw what I thought was a broken battery connector and offered to fix it at home.Later this evening I dissected the camera and found that no pin ever existed where I thought one was missing. To rule out the battery as a problem I connected a battery from my Sony T9 with some spare wire and found there was nothing wrong with the camera at all. I essentially wasted two hours fooling with the thing and only risked breaking it when I put it back together, but at least I had the experience of taking apart my first digicam and now I know to try a different battery before collecting all the screws in a small cup.

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