Marsalis and Davenport

I went to work this morning for about 11. The office was calm today although we had several patients. I was going to see some friends this evening so I Dad dropped me off downtown. I was going to just sit in a hotel with my laptop for a while but I decided to take a walk instead. I deposited my last check and walked the length of the Quarter on Royal Street and then to d.b.a., to get a drink, type the previous log entry and wait some more. I called Andrey not long before 5:30 and he said he couldn’t make it.Patrick and David were already at Port of Call where we were to meet for dinner so I walked there and made it on time at 5:30. I’ve heard good things about the place but every time I’ve been past there was a line out the door. We all ordered cheeseburgers, which are as popular as they are big.After dinner we walked to d.b.a. as we had a good hour and a half before the 8 o’clock show this evening. I had my new camera with me and Patrick and David enjoyed fooling with it. After a round and about an hour, we walked a few doors down and took our seats at Snug Harbor.This evening’s set with Ellis Marsalis featured familiar accompanying faces including Roman Skakun on the vibraphone. As usual, the performance hall was packed. Overall, this set was among the best performances I’ve seen with Ellis. The music was excellent and mostly up-tempo.After the show, we rode across the quarter and went to the Ritz-Carlton. We went up to a place called Mlange, a restaurant on the third floor featuring live music with Jeremy Davenport. The music was good and the setting was appropriately ritzy.I think we left there at about one and stopped at Caf du Monde for some beignets before ending the evening. After parting ways I didn’t have much trouble hailing a cab home.

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