Break Winding Down

Over the past week or so there have been a few happenings barely justifying entries but I simply never got around to it. Over the past several days, work has only been broken up by a couple new toys and a close basketball game. On a whim, Dad generously bought me a new monitor for my computer, a Samsung 226BW. I’d read reviews before and knew this was a good display, although there is some controversy surrounding it as the same model number has three different panels from three different manufactures. I received a “C” panel, the worst of the three. With proper calibration, however, it isn’t too bad, not for the $300 price tag anyway.Last night, the new Canon 30D I won on eBay arrived. I bought it to replace my 10D, which isn’t a bad camera but rather slow in use. The “new” one is also of use to me because of better high ISO performance. It does have two shortcomings compared to its older sibling, however. It’s a tad smaller and doesn’t feel quite as good in hand. The shutter actuation is also considerably louder on the 30D. On Wednesday night, Dad and I went to see Tulane’s basketball team play UAB. UAB is a good team. The game was close throughout and down to the wire. With just five seconds left, Tulane had a two point lead. UAB had the ball in the final seconds. A UAB player got to a far corner of the court behind the three point line, was surrounded by Tulane players and fouled with 1.6 seconds left. The UAB player got three free throws, made them all and put UAB on top 62-61 to win the game.

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