Art Survey Final

Before leaving for work this morning I had some time to yet again fool with the tags of my MP3 collection. I made the mistake of checking the “automatically update album info” box in settings, which retagged some of my tracks with erroneous information. I fixed some of them and just recopied other files from a November backup.I was at work from about 11:30 to 3:15 this afternoon. I left the office early so I could take some time to study for this evening’s exam. The final exam for Art Survey was just the last in a series of short tests. This one was on gothic art. Studying certainly paid off. This was probably my best performance but not necessarily a good one as there were about five questions I was unfamiliar with. I was done in just 15 minutes.I was just going to call a cab to go home but I called Dad first. He offered me a ride home if I waited 20 minutes for the downtown shuttle. Shortly before I boarded I got another call from Dad telling me we’d be going back to the office to get a report sent out. It was completely unnecessary and I was acutely disenchanted. We were at the office for about 20 minutes and finally made it home at 7:30, an hour later than I would have had I gotten myself home.Later that evening I watched some TV and talked to Krystle on the phone before getting to bed at a half decent hour.

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