Louisiana History Final

With regular doses of Benadryl I was able to function normally today, although my voice is still a little off. After a stop at the post office, Dad and I made it to work at about 11:30. Dad took me downtown at about 3:00 to catch a shuttle to campus. With the time I had before to nights test I did some studying, reading chapters from the textbook. While I sat in the LBC, I saw a few familiar faces. My brother Andrew, Andrey, Sona and Shona stopped briefly to chat.I walked over to Hebert at about quarter to five. Some students and the professor were already. He made himself available to entertain any questions students may have had. The final exam was formatted like the rest of Mr. Fontenot’s tests. Unfortunately for me, a lot of the terms to be identified were unfamiliar to me. While I think I have a firm grasp on the nature of events covered by the class, I remembered almost none of the names of the people mentioned on the test, which was quite a detriment. The test covered Louisiana history from the Civil War to the Edwin Edwards era so there was a lot to cover. Since the test was so short, I don’t think it did the best job in assessing a student’s understanding and comprehension of the material.I finished the exam at 6:30. Dad picked me up from the LBC not long after that. Later this evening I watched TV for a while and studied a bit before bed.

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