Willem Brueker Kollektief

I’m skipping Friday. Nothing special happened anyway. I slept in Saturday morning, longer than I care to admit. I spent the afternoon fooling with my computer which has been the source of a lot of headache this week. While trying to install Windows on a new hard drive, I inadvertently wiped the MBR of my current main hard disk, rendering my computer completely useless as opposed to partially useless. I also watched Navy play Notre Dame this afternoon. Navy won in triple overtime, beating Notre Dame for the first time in 43 years. Later this evening, I went out to Snug Harbor and met Megan for dinner and the 8 o’clock show. I requested her company last Thursday night. I arrived early at 6:30. As I was walking up to the place I ran into an old friend from middle school, James. I made no effort to remain in touch with him after I moved out of Belle Chasse but he recognized me and remember my name, which always impresses me. I didn’t recogniize him at first, largely due to the drastically different hair.Megan showed up right on time at seven. The dinner conversation was pleasant. Among other things, Megan talked about an internship she had not too long ago. Although I hadn’t eaten anything all day, I could barely touch my dinner.We got good seats for the show about 10 minutes to eight. It wasn’t especially crowded so we could have been late and still been in good shape. We saw Willem Breuker Kollektief, a Dutch jazz band from Holland. I saw some clips of them on YouTube and they seemed to have an interesting sound. Unfortunately and oddly enough, they were much more entertaining on the internet than in person. I’m not a music critic so I can’t use big words to describe their performance. Simply put, I found the act “interesting,” but too loud and ‘busy.’ At times it sounded like little more than noise, which is saying a lot coming from a jazz fan.After the show we both caught cabs home. I got home before ten. Later this evening I watched Broken Arrow.

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