Work this afternoon was rather unremarkable. Like most Thursday’s, the office was pretty quiet. Dad dropped me at Tidewater in time for an early shuttle. After I got to Tulane I spent some time at the student center before making my way to Tilton.Class this evening was again about mathematical induction. I didn’t really understand the subject last week and this one was no different.After class, I walked over to Fogelman Arena where Tulane’s basketball team played Loyola University this evening. Loyola was thoroughly outmatched as they aren’t even in the NCAA, but it’s a convenient game to play since Loyola is literally next door. I only stayed for the first half. Tulane had about a 12 point lead when I left.This evening’s ballroom session was the first of four weeks of tango lessons. Attendance was pretty decent. Several familiar faces were missing but there were a handful of new people. Compared to swing, I found the simple tango steps to be a lot more manageable and I did pretty well this evening.Shortly after ten, intermediate salsa lessons started. I won’t be participating in these but I wanted to hand around for a few minutes and see just how complicated it was. Suffice it to say I would have been in way over my head. After I left I called a cab home and made it back before 11.

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