Sun., Mon., Tues.

With the exception of church I spent Sunday at home watching football and continuing the war on my computer. The Saints won, bringing their record to 4-4.I didn’t go to work or class on Monday. Dad was under the weather and didn’t leave until the afternoon and I just didn’t feel like going to class. With the time I had I finally got my computer working again. The trouble I had with getting Windows installed had something to do with the nVidia SATA/RAID drivers. I never quite fixed that problem though. I installed Windows on an old PATA drive and cloned that drive to the new one. It was a dirty fix but it worked. Getting everything running again was a pain but I didn’t lose too much since I’m pretty good at backing stuff up but I did lose a few things. I’ll have to be even more vigilant in the future.On Tuesday, I got some real work done at work. This evening’s Louisiana History class was about state politics at the turn of the century. In the second half of the class we watched the Ken Burn’s documentary on Huey Long. As such, class went later than usual. I caught a cab home and watched Boston Legal later on.

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