Mon., Tues., Wed.

Work so far this week has been rather unremarkable so I’ll just briefly summarize my night classes and consider myself caught up.Monday’s visual communications class was a bit dull, some of it was about photography, a subject I already have a working knowledge of. It was spiced up a little bit in that one of the students, who previously has not hesitated to express her disdain with this class had another little outburst, which was actually rather funny. Tuesday’s Louisiana history class wasn’t bad. Professor Fontenot discussed reconstruction in Louisiana and the Bourbon period. He often pointed out the similarities between politics then and now. We got our mid terms back at the end of the class. I got an 85 B, which wasn’t bad. I did fine on the short answer questions but my essay wasn’t sufficiently detailed for full credit.Art Survey on Wednesday was a bit brutal. Being Halloween night, I figured Mr. Bayer would be merciful and keep class short so students could go out and do whatever that evening. Quite the opposite occurred. The instructor started class by saying he thought were behind and had a lot of cover not a good sign. The lecture about Byzantine and early Christian art ran longer than usual. For the most part, we looked at slides of churches and elaborate decorative paintings as mosaics. After the lecture, there was a 10 question quiz on Roman art, which we covered during the last couple classes. This was like the first test in that we had to look at slides and answer accompanying questions, so it took about 20 minutes.

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