Involuntary Mercy

Dad and I got to the office just after 11 this afternoon. I started to get some work done around noon but eventually got distracted with a bunch of other crap later in the afternoon and didn’t get as much done as I would have liked.Not long after four, Dad drove me down Canal Street so I could catch the shuttle to campus. During the ride I took the time to study for a test in this evening’s art survey class. The class certainly didn’t start well. He opened by saying that he’s been looking at the class’s grades and said half the class was set to fail. He went on to say the remaining lectures would be boring and “like nails on a chalkboard.” Following these kind words he picked up with the lecture where he left off last week with early Christian architecture. After he finished that he continued with Romanesque art. Not long after he stopped and tried to start the test, which composed of slides and accompanying questions. However, he couldn’t find that particular file on his CD so he deiced to just continue lecturing for a while longer. For some reason, the projector would not start up and he soon gave up and dismissed class. I caught the “7:20” shuttle downtown and Dad picked me up from Canal Street.Later that evening, I had some dinner, typed log entries for the past few days and watched Dogma.

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