I got to work at 10:45 this morning. I spent the afternoon working on a couple discharge reports. Dad took me downtown so I could catch the 4:40 shuttle to campus. This evening’s math class was an introduction to Boolean algebra. The professor skipped couple chapters in our crappy book to get to it. I found the material much easier that what we were dealing with over the last couple weeks.After class, I walked over to the computer lab adjacent to PJ’s for a little while before ballroom this evening. Tonight’s tango lessons were in large part a recap on what we did last week. One new set of steps was introduced tonight in which you rotate your partner almost 360 degrees. Although I’ve been doing quite well up to now, I had a lot of trouble with this one. I’m probably just not taking big enough steps. Hopefully I’ll get it down next week.Earlier, Andrey said he and some of his friends might be going out later this evening but he didn’t have any takers when he called them at ten so I just caught a cab home. Late this evening I watched Lucky Number Slevin.

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