Friday wasn’t especially eventful. I did get a lot done at work though. Dad grilled some steaks for dinner. I might have watched a movie that evening.I got up at a decent hour on Saturday because I had somewhere to be in the afternoon and I wanted to clean out the inside of my computer this morning. After the ordeal with all the upgrading it was still sitting out of place and open. I took the opportunity to take it to the back yard and clean it out with the aid of the air compressor. Since my computer case has filters on the fan intakes, the dust isn’t that much of a problem.On Friday night, Andrey invited me to a small gathering at his house, sort of a belated housewarming party. There were about eight guests including some of his friends, some I hadn’t met as well as some of his family. There was food and drink and conversation. Andrey had to work this afternoon so it came to an end at about 3:30. I walked down to Maple Street and called a cab home.Later that evening I watched Papillon and talked to Krystle before bed.Most of Sunday was pretty quiet. After church I watched the Saints lose to the 0-8 St. Louis Rams pretty depressing. Later this evening, I went to the Hookah Caf on Frenchman to meet Andrey and Patrick to see Gov’t Majik, an “afro-beat arkestra.” It’s sort of a jazz band but not really. Whatever their music is called, they were quite good. I called for a cab at nine and barely got there on time at 10. The other two didn’t show up until about half past though. We were there until about midnight. The band wasn’t done but they did have places to be in the morning. It took me a little while to get a cab but I finally made it home at about 12:30. Thanks to the liquid refreshment consumed earlier in the evening, I didn’t have any trouble getting to sleep this evening.

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