Romanesque Art

I can’t quite remember how much work I got done today. I caught a late 4:40 shuttle to campus this afternoon. On the way to campus, I finished up an extra credit assignment on my laptop. Ultimately I don’t think it did me any good. Had I finished the work last night I would have spent the time on the bus studying for the test this evening. I didn’t study and there was no break for last minute cramming so I did poorly again. The extra credit will balance that out though just a lot more work. This evening’s lecture was about Romanesque art. For the most part we were looking at 11th and 12th century churches. They are grand structures but not overwhelming when you’re looking at slides in a dark room in art class.I caught a cab home later this evening. I spent a good part of the evening fooling with my Zune and its software. With the release of revision two, owners of the old Zune were recently afforded the opportunity to upgrade to new firmware and software. While the new firmware is a nice refresh, the new Zune software is still a pain in the ass. I had to spend a lot of time adding tags to my MP3 collection because the software is incapable of recognizing that any one album may have multiple artists. I also had to rename all my picture files to get album art to work. As I write this, however, someone seems to have successfully patched that problem. When I finally did get everything working it was pleasant to use. Just like when I first got the player, however, I had to get through a lot of crap first.

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