Huey Long

I got a few things done at work today, although it can always be better. Not long after I got to work around noon, Bianca and I went to pick up lunch at the Parkway Bakery & Tavern. Apparently the place is good and it’s been around a while so I was surprised I’d never heard of it. I ordered a shrimp po-boy, which was quite good. I couldn’t say if it’s better than Mandina’s.This evening’s Louisiana History class was about Huey Long and politic following his assassination. Mr. Fontenot didn’t really lecture about Huey Long since we saw a film about him last week and read a biography on him, which we were quizzed on at the beginning of class. I did fine on the quiz even though I’d only read half the book. Most of the lecture was about the twenty or so names he wrote on the board, people who ran Louisiana politics well into the sixties. Some of the names I’d heard before, others I hadn’t. Overall, this evening class was very informative and entertaining, just as Louisiana politics often is.After class I called Dad. He was out with Mom buying furniture. He offered a ride home earlier this evening but they weren’t done yet and I didn’t want to wait around. I was going to call a cab home but the women’s basketball team was playing and I decided to hang around for the rest of it. The second half had just started when I walked in. I ran into Dad’s friend Dennis as I was finding a seat. The game versus Georgia Tech was a good one but they ultimately lost 66-61. Mom and Dad finally arrived not long after the game ended. Later that evening I watched tonight’s episode of Boston Legal.

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