All Quiet in Vera Cruz

With all the discharge reports out of the way, I had time to start getting caught up on all the initial evaluations that have been hanging over my head for the last couple months. After we left work for the day at five, Dad took me to campus for class this evening.This evening’s math class was a continuation of last week’s lecture on Boolean algebra. The material is still a bit over my head.After class I walked over to the computer lab on McAlister to sit and wait for ballroom this evening. There was a good turnout for the tango lessons this evening. There were a couple new steps tonight, which I naturally had trouble with. I also haven’t quite mastered the left rock turn that was introduced last week. When the lesson was over I walked with Megan to her dorm and went to the nearby PJ’s to wait again because I was accompanying Andrey and his friend’s to Vera Cruz again this evening. I was there for a while before Patrick happened to walk in, I ended up following him to Mayer where the rest of the usual suspects were. After hanging around there a while we drove out to Vera Cruz. We got something to drink but the place was pretty quiet. We eventually walked across the street to (old) Bruno’s for a drink and then drove to some new place that opened recently called “The Frat House.” It was closed. After some debate over there to go next, they just elected to go home for the evening. I caught a cab home from the student center. When I got home this evening I found the five free HD-DVDs I sent away for months ago finally arrived, all in pristine condition. Before bed I talked to Krystle on the phone for a while.

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