Here and There

Dad and I arrived at the office just after 11 this morning. I continued work on the initial reports like yesterday. Dad went home at 2:30 but I stayed at the office until four because I had plans on the east bank this evening. After work, Dee was kind enough to give me a ride to Maple Street. I bought a smoothie and took a seat in a little place called YouGurt.I remained there with my laptop until about 5:30. I called Patrick and he told me dinner would be late and suggested I join him and everyone else who was at Mayer. It only took me about ten minutes to walk to campus. A bunch of people were already there when I arrived, nearly all of whom I’d met at least once. Off the top of my head I can think of Patrick, Andrey, Veronica, Shona, Ashlie, Angela, Kerry and one other person whose name escapes me. Patrick cooked a beef brisket and made some potato salad, both of which were pretty good. The lot of us just hung out there for a few hours before a good portion of the crowd went out to the Boot. Later on we walked over the the (new) Bruno’s where we remained for a few more hours. After paying a nice little tab there we walked over the (old) Bruno’s for a round of Woodchuck. We weren’t there very long and eventually drove over to The Frat House, a place we tried earlier in the week but was closed.I think we left the Frat House at around two. Andrey wasn’t quite fit to drive so we all piled in and Patrick drove back to campus. A good portion of the party retired for the evening. Andrey, Patrick, Cat and myself went to Der Rathskeller for something to eat. Andrey certainly needed some food in his stomach, although it wasn’t a bad idea for me or Patrick. I think Cat was just along for the entertainment value. She wasn’t disappointed. We all had chicken fingers, which are tasty if you’re disoriented. We were there until about 2:30. I shared a cab with Patrick who lives nearby. There was one already on McAlister so we lucked out there. I finally got home around three and went right to bed.

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