Being too lazy to write individual posts for each day this weekend I’m summarizing. With the exception of Tulane’s homecoming game, the days kinda blend together anyway.On Saturday, Dad and I went to Tulane’s homecoming football game. We played Memphis in what was largely a back-and-forth game. Tulane should have played better but a couple of incredibly bad calls robbed Tulane of the win. On Tulane’s first possession, Tulane drove the ball right down the field, largely in the hands of Matt Fort, a Heisman-worthy player on an otherwise unremarkable Tulane team. At the goal line, Fort lost the ball after it hit the ground and it was called a fumble. The officials appeared unaware of the rule stating the ground cannot cause a fumble in the sport of football. Coach Toledo went as far as to call a timeout hoping the play would be reviewed but it was not.At the end of the game, Memphis had just taken the lead 28-27 with less than a minute left. Tulane had a fighting chance to get the ball up field and kick a game-winning field goal. On a running play, Matt Fort got a few yards and managed to get out of bounds. The clock was stopped to move the chains and then restarted, even though it is not supposed to run again until the next play starts. Time expired prematurely and the officials ran off the field. I think I can speak for most Tulane fans and say we were shocked and angry.I spent a good deal of time fooling with my computer this weekend. After buying a few new drives I attempted to move the OS to another drive but cloning the old drive and fresh installs always yielded the “a disk read error occurred” error message, very odd for a drive that I know is functioning perfectly. I eventually just gave up and will be unloading the drive. In the course of working on my computer on Sunday I broke the SATA connector on one of my brand new drives. It’s not drastic damage but since it’s virtually impossible to get spare parts I’m basically out of a hundred bucks.When my computer was in one piece, I played Portal, an awesome little game released as part of the Orange Box. Since the game seemed portrayed as ancillary I wasn’t expecting much but the game was actually quite fascinating and entertaining. It may be one of the only first person shooter games that doesn’t involve any weapons. Over two nights, I also watched Dersu Uzula.

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