Quiet Wrap-Up

I worked from 11 to 4:45 this afternoon. I got a couple reports finished up and got the rest ready to mail out today. I was distracted today by an ebay purchase. I won a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 Mark I lens for $150. My research tells me the older mark I lens is better than the newer, cheaper Mk II. I think I paid too much though, in spite of the apparently excellent condition. This is an old, discontinued lens and the price seems to be rising as the years go by.Dad dropped me off on campus at about five this evening. We got our first tests back today. I got a C, which is what I was expecting. The average was a D but I think one or two people dragged it down considerably. The lecture tonight was about mathematical induction, which I didn’t quite grasp.After class I went to the computer lab adjacent to the PJs across from Aron and waited for this evening’s activities. Attendance at this evening’s dance lesson was rather dismal. It may have had something to do with the homecoming activities across campus tonight. There was only one female aside from the instructor when we started although a few more trickled in with applause later. This evening was largely a recap on the last couple weeks and the final session on swing dancing. I think I would have done reasonably well had I not been without a partner so much. Near the end, we were shown a means to “cheat,” performing the same dance in a more relaxed fashion with fewer steps. I think I did just fine on this.Andrey and his friends intended to go out later this evening but not for a little while. Andrey took me to his place nearby, which I had not seen before. He shares a shotgun double with a guy who wasn’t there. It’s a nice little place but devoid of wall decoration. Veronica was already there. We’ve met several times before but this was the first occasion I’ve had to have an actual conversation with her. Later on Patrick showed up and we eventually went over to Vera Cruz where a lot of familiar faces were. I felt my presence there was rather superfluous though and I left to go home at about midnight.

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