The Orange Box

Dad and I were especially late getting to the office this afternoon. This morning before we left, I watched a little of the Fox Business (HD) network that debuted this morning. It’s hard to judge a network from a half hour of viewing but it looks decent, certainly pretty in HD. The nature of the business news is definitely less hardcore than say Bloomberg TV. I also watched the 36th season premiere of The Price is Right, now staring Drew Carey. I was a little disenchanted when I heard the show would be continuing after Bob Barker’s retirement, if only because nobody could be as good as he was. There can be no expectation for the show to retire if there is still money to be made though. Mr. Carey is probably as good a choice for replacement as I can think of. He did okay on his “first day,” although he didn’t match the genuine enthusiasm Barker has kept up for 35 years on his debut episode.Dad and I finally made it to the office sometime around noon. I was waiting around for us to leave Mid City and go to the Metairie office but I never made it there. Dad decided to just take me to campus and go out to Metairie after dropping me off. He wasn’t going to be there long anyway as he went to see his mother at the hospital this evening.Dad dropped me off at the student center and I went to get something to eat. Shona bumped into me as I was waiting for my sandwich at the Quizno’s and had lunch with me. We didn’t talk about anything in particular. While we were sitting a couple of her friends, Ashley and Ashlie joined us for a little while. After everyone left I remained in the student center until 5:15 when I walked to Norman Mayer for my visual communications class this evening.This evening’s class was much like last week’s in that I don’t believe I heard anything of circumstance. We did receive a study guide for an upcoming test so I’ll be able to figure it out. After class, Dad picked me up from the student center.Later this evening, I started playing Half Life 2: Episode 2. I preordered The Orange Box on Amazon last week and it arrived today. I didn’t get very far so I can hardly offer much opinion on it as of yet. I also tried out Team Fortress 2, which was a lot of fun. I wish all this had been released in the summer, I would have had a lot more time to enjoy it.

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