History Mid-Term

Dad and I got to the office sometime before 11 this morning. He left to go to the westbank with an intern for a couple hours so it was pretty quiet. When they both got back I relinquished the front computer so she could do the mid city billing. Dad bought a new router to replace the one that’s been misbehaving. The new one seems to be working fine. Later on I spent some time studying for a test this evening. We left at five sharp.This evening’s Louisiana History class was reserved for the mid-term exam. There was a decent bit of writing but it was actually a short test. I think I did reasonably well although my grade will hinge on what the professor thinks about my long essay.After class I went to the student center to get some dinner. After I finished eating I continued to sit around the student center for about two hours until I walked over to the Reily center for the student dance practice at nine this evening. There were only nine people there tonight including myself. The only one there who could run things was Andrey. He did his best, but he wasn’t entirely up on last week’s steps himself. The practice ended before 9:30 so it was over in under a half hour. Seeing as how the session was so unproductive I was sorry I bothered to show up, having taken some two and a half hours out of my day.As I left the Reily center the downtown shuttle was pulling up. I decided to hop on and see if I could save any money by calling a cab from Canal Street. The fare home from the tidewater was about $18, only about a four dollar difference.Later this evening I watched Boston Legal while I worked on a small homework assignment for tomorrow’s art class. I talked to Krystle on the phone for a while before bed.

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