Yeah You Right!

This past weekend has been pretty quiet. The family was out of town until late Sunday. I shamelessly spent most of the time in front of the (beautiful) TV. I did get a good deal of laundry done though.On Saturday afternoon, I watched LSU lose to Kentucky in triple overtime, which was quite satisfying. Later that evening I watched The 40 Year-Old Virgin and Mission: Impossible III, both of which were underwhelming.I had NFL football on the TV most of the day Sunday, just because it was pretty with the exception of the Raiders game which wasn’t pretty at all. It wasn’t even available in high-def. Later on I watched the Saints play the Seattle Seahawks. Unlike the other games this season, they looked good, played well and actually won. Consequently it was a lot more fun to watch, even though I was by myself. After that I watched 300, which was visually interesting but I would stop short of calling it a good movie.

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