Dad and I made it to the office before 11 this morning. The time I spent working was on discharge reports, although I didn’t mail any today. At about one I took a lunch break and went over to Venezia. I had the shrimp fettuccini alfredo. We left the office at quarter past four. Dad dropped me at Tidewater to catch the shuttle. During the ride I studied the chapter in the art book about the Etruscans, as there was a quiz on the subject in class.This evening’s art survey class was about Roman sculptures and paintings. The latter didn’t take long as very few survived antiquity. After the lecture we had the quiz, which I don’t think I did very well on. There were no questions on any particular works of art, which I did study. What I missed was some terminology about various structures.Dad picked me up after class. He was still in the neighborhood. That evening I watched the Rockies get their ass kicked in game one of the World Series. Later I started watching a movie before Krystle called.

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