Dad and I were rather late getting to the office this afternoon. We waited at the house a while for the new TV stand to be delivered. Dad ordered it from Ethan Allen ages ago and we finally got a delivery scheduled. The delivery schedule was 10-1 but I think they came closer to two. We left soon after they made the delivery.We finally arrived at the office at 2:45. We only stayed for a half hour before leaving again. Dad wanted to be at the west bank office by four to be present when a bunch of patients arrived. Dad dropped me off at the Tidewater building to catch the shuttle bus to campus. On the ride I continued to study for a math test this evening.When I arrived on campus I got a smoothie and took a seat in the dining area of the student center. After I’d been there a little while, Andrey saw me. He, Shona and Veronica joined me with their lunch. Andrey and Veronica left and I walked with Shona back to Mayer and then went over to Tilton to get to class early.As I suspected, there were a handful of people there already going over the material for the test. I sat in with them for a bit trying to pick up on a few things. The test started reasonably promptly just before six. There were 25 questions which weren’t especially hard with a couple exceptions. We were allowed the use of our notes and the textbook. The book is completely useless but the notes were quite valuable. I took about two hours to finish the test.After finishing, I walked over to the PJ’s to sit with my laptop and a muffin until the dancing thing started at nine this evening. Patrick, who I met last week, showed up while I was there. More often than not, we talked about movies.Turnout at this evening’s lessons looked like it was going to be a bit light but several people showed up a little late. A good portion of this evening’s session was spent on recap on last week, which was very valuable to me after an unproductive student practice on Tuesday. We also learned a couple new steps including another sort of spin. While I still don’t quite look like I know what I’m doing, I felt like I did a lot better tonight and really enjoyed myself.Andrey and his friends wanted to go out this evening, but not until after 11. While I waited, I walked back to PJ’s and intended to wait there a while. Patrick caught up with me and suggested we go get something to eat. We walked to his car and went to Felipe’s Taqueria, a little Mexican place near campus I’d never been to before. I wasn’t really hungry and just got some chips and salsa.After eating and trying to figure out what was going on, we went back to campus and met up with Shona and a bunch of other people in her dorm. We waited there for a good while for Andrey and Veronica. They finally made it at about 11:30. They arrived with Chelsi, who I first met earlier this evening.There was a good sized group that went to Vera Cruz this evening. There was a pretty good crowd there when we arrived. The music, dancing and the 2 for 1 margarita pitchers are the main attractions. I was there until about 1:30, not much longer than Andrey. There was a cab outside waiting for a fare so it didn’t take long to get home.

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