Office Pictures

Dad and I arrived at the Mid City office sometime around 11 this morning. We visited all three offices over the course of the afternoon. He wanted pictures of every office to show some folks. We went out to the Metairie office and then to the west bank. Dad had a meeting scheduled with on the west bank at four but the lady never showed. We left for the day at 4:30.Before heading home, we stopped at best buy to pick up a wall mount Dad’s TV. We were there a little while so I had a chance to look at a number of other things.This evening, Dad and I attached the wall mount to a large wood panel that goes with the TV stand he bought. The TV attaches to the back panel and that panel sits on the stand. The final product looks pretty good although the TV sits a little below the horizontal center. Later on I played Half Life 2: Episode 2 for a couple hours and then talked to Krystle for a little while before bed.

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