It was wet outside throughout the day, raining on and off. Dad and I made it to the office at 10:30 this morning. I spent the workday doing a few discharge reports and getting the work of the past couple days ready to mail out this afternoon. Later on Dad dropped me off at the Tidewater building and I caught a shuttle to campus. During the ride, I finished the homework I started last night, creating ten quiz questions on Etruscan art.This evening’s art class was pretty decent. It was the first in a two part lecture on Roman art. Most of what we looked at was architecture, both ruins and some intact structures. A good part of the lecture was about Pompeii. We got our mid terms back and I didn’t do very well.Dad picked me up after class. He was working late. That evening I watched some TV, cleaned up my room a bit and talked to Krystle on the phone late before bed.

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