Two Weeks

On a couple occasions, I started work on a log entry to catch up with the last few days but never got far. Two weeks have passed with a few activities of merit. Generally speaking though, I’ve just been settling into my ‘new’ routine of class and work. My classes are working out well and are sufficiently entertaining. Even my art survey class, which began rather painfully, is getting better. There has been no risk of losing consciousness during the last couple sessions.Outside of work, I haven’t been terribly busy. This past weekend, I did some work on the old entertainment center which we’ll be giving away. On Sunday, I helped Dad install a new garage door opener, which was quite an ordeal but we did get it working fine. This past Saturday, Dad, Andrew and I went to the Tulane football game versus Southeastern Louisiana. The crowd was coniderably thinner, no surprise after a few painful losses. Speaking frankly, going to the football games, something we used to do completely without fail, now seems alot like a chore with the overwhelming likelyhood of losing. It didn’t look like we played particularly well against what is another bad team, but we did win. The final was 35-27.

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