The Rest of Last Week

Regrettably, I let a few days lapse since my last post, which is only a shame because I generally like to document the first weeks of a new term. Since last week was much like the one before that, it’s not a total loss.Wednesday’s art class was another struggle to maintain consciousness. The class was about art (and architecture) of the ancient middle east. History of that region can either be characterized as “rich” or “really f’ing complicated.” Either way you’re right. Ruling empires changed like the weather so it’s quite hard to keep up. I’m hoping the upcoming test will be confined to the basics. I had even more trouble staying awake during this class than the first. The entire class was another slideshow with commentary in a dark room. I’ll be lobbying for a little light next time.Thursday’s math class was pleasant, largely about prime numbers if I remember right. I took a day off of work on Friday to be home to take delivery on my new TV. The TV made it to my house but not inside. The driver did not ring the doorbell or call and just left a door tag, which was both perplexing and infuriating. I never found out exactly what happened because the dispatcher I spoke with was never able to get in touch with the driver. Redelivery was scheduled for Monday.On Saturday, I went to Tulane’s first football game of the season versus Mississippi State. Although Tulane looked competitive early on, they eventually lost badly to a crappy team. The final score was 38-17. In the end it was a depressing affair which tells of a long season to come. I wish Dad and I had gone to Ruston for the LA Tech/Hawaii game which was quite a spectacle. Hawaii was supposed to dominate but Tech played extremely well, but lost on the outcome of a single play in overtime.I watched a couple movies on Dad’s new TV, which looks incredible, Babel and A Place in the Sun.Today, Monday, my TV finally arrived in the morning. It looks good but I think it will take some calibrating to get the best picture out of it. It doesn’t look quite right but I can’t quite put my finger on the exact problem. Luckily the TV is very tweakable (yeah yeah, not a word) so I know I’ll be able to get it just right.I got a cab to class this evening, my first “Visual Communications” class with Mr. Matthew Martinez. The class looks to be a very basic exploration of the mass media but it should be entertaining, both with the instructor’s dry wit and hopefully lively class discussion. The class was long tonight, running until 8:15. A lot of time was spent on student introductions. The professor wanted to know why everyone joined the class. After class I walked to Der Rathskeller in the student center for something to eat. I sat with my laptop and typed this entry while casually watching the Monday Night Football game. Later on I got a cab home.

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