Dat Hurts

Dad and I got to the office for about 11 this morning. Unlike Monday’s past, the doctor was at the Mid City office today to see a slew of new patients. I wasn’t there through the day, however, as I needed to get myself to class this evening. After picking at a couple reports, I left for the day at three. The weather was wet today and it looks like it will stay that way most of the week.I took a streetcar down Canal Street to the Tidewater building where I eventually caught a shuttle to get to the uptown campus. It wasn’t the quickest way but I did get there. With a couple hours before class, I went to the student center, browsed the bookstore briefly and then took a seat for some quality time with my laptop before heading to Norman Mayer.This evening’s visual communication class couldn’t have been terribly important because I can hardly remember anything that was discussed. The instructor was mindful of the Saints home opener this evening and class was dismissed early in time for the 7:30 start.I called a cab after class but one never came. I suppose between the rain and the football game this evening they were rather busy. Dad was still on the eastbank for a meeting and came by to pick me up. The game had been on for a little while already when we finally arrived home at about eight. The game itself was entertaining for about a half as they managed to stay in the game against the Titans. The second half was painful however. The Saints were plagued by turnovers and the defense had trouble stopping Vince Yong and the Titan’s offense either because they just suck or they were worn out being on the field so long. The final score was 34-14 and the Saints are now 0-3, which essentially guarantees there won’t be any post season action for the boys in black and gold.

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