Louisiana History

Today was a reasonably typical workday. It was very quiet around the office this afternoon. Dad was not in the office for much of the day because he had to be home to take delivery on a new television. Dad wasn’t around after work but Annisha was nice enough to give me a ride to Tulane this evening.Tonight was my first Louisiana History class with Kevin Fontenot. The subject matter and Mr. Fontenot himself were my primary motivations for signing up for this class. I had a cold war history class with him last semester and really enjoyed it. Looking at the students in this class, it’s obvious the man has a fan club. The first class was pleasant, although a bit longer than I might have liked. The professor discussed the Indian tribes present in the region before the area was colonized, as well as the state of affairs in France around the period colonization took place, mostly as a means to set the stage as there are significant parallels between France and what would become Louisiana.I took a cab home after class. I had a nice conversation with the driver who was from Ethiopia. He discussed a regularly scheduled civil war and his aspirations for a business there in the future.When I got home I found the Sony webcam I bought a while back was returned from warrantee repair. I bought the camera about a month ago to fix the webcam in my laptop but it was already broken. I extracted the CMOS module from the webcam and installed it in my notebook without too much difficulty. I finally have my laptop webcam working although the software I was planning to use with it is not stable. I don’t know why yet. I was up until two this morning for no particular reason.

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