Back to School

The week started off kinda lousy with two bits of bad news involving lost mail. At item I sold on eBay was lost in transit and Paypal saw fit for me to serve as the de-facto shipping insurance and refund the purchaser, which was particularly infuriating because the item was a hard drive I bought by mistake. Since it was lost I ended up buying it twice. I later learned I could have used it to upgrade my Zune. My new TV was supposed to arrive no later than Tuesday but the shipping company said they lost it. Having it replaced costs me nothing but I’m without a television for another two weeks.School started back up this Wednesday. Dad took me to Tulane early so I had a chance to go to the bookstore and find my classroom. Wednesday night’s class is Art History 101. The professor seems nice enough and is well-rated online. If every class is like the first one though, I may have a problem. After introducing himself and discussing the class itself, he did a full lecture with a slide show in a darkened classroom. The subject matter was not necessarily boring but I had trouble keeping my eyes open, even though I was directly in front of the professor two rows up. He went up until the very end, 8:25. I’ve never had a class last that long, and certainly not on the first day.I had another first class on Thursday, Math for Information Technology. This class seems promising even though I suck at math rather badly. The professor is intelligent and approachable though so I think I’ll do fine. Several of the other students have not dealt with math since high school so I doubt I’ll be alone in my inadequacy. While I think the class will go well, it was incredibly disappointing in the scenery department.The rest of the work week was pretty dull. On Friday night, I got a call from Theresa, an event in itself, asking if she wanted to do something that evening. I agreed as I had nothing else to do. We didn’t have any solid plans at the outset but on the way I discovered Ellis Marsalis was playing Snug Harbor and decided that would make for a nice evening as she is one of the new people I know whom I have not dragged there before.It took a while to get a parking spot but we found a decent one. When we walked in there were two ahead of us who were soon seated in the dining room. Apparently they got the last seats because we were told there was a 40 minute wait. It was already getting late so we walked a few doors down to the Marigny Brasserie for dinner. I already had dinner earlier but Theresa hadn’t. I just ordered some bread pudding, which was quite good. She ordered a couple appetizers which were also tasty.After dinner we walked back to Snug Harbor. We arrived long before seating for the 10 o’clock show began, only because it started late. We were some of the first in and got a couple good seats in the back corner on the right. The show itself was very good. In addition to the master himself, his some Jason Marsalis was also there. Xylophone player Roman Skakun made a fashionably late entrance to the stage after a few numbers. Overall it was a nice evening. We were both tired after the show and went home. Theresa was good enough to give me a ride back.The rest of my three day weekend was rather dull as I was home the whole time. I think I can safely say nothing happened.

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