Bloody O’Reilly

Dad and I made it in to the office at about 10:30 this morning. It would have been a little earlier had I managed to get up on time. This being a quiet Tuesday, I was expecting to get a good deal of work done but it didn’t quite work out that way. One of the interns used the computer later in the afternoon and we left the office early at 3:45 because Dad had to take care of something at the westbank office this evening and he wanted to get me to campus before that.I arrived at Tulane at quarter past four. I sat in the student center for a while, browsing eBay and whatnot until 5:15 when I left to head to the classroom, still with plenty of time to spare.This evening’s history class was about the Spanish asserting control of the Louisiana colony after the War of Spanish Succession. The professor had some interesting stories this evening and the class was reasonably entertaining. The advantage I’ve had taking Colonial Louisiana History last semester should come to an end next week. I’m assuming we’ll get to the Louisiana Purchase.Later that evening after I got home, I started watching Giant, a sprawling epic noted as James Dean’s last film. It’s quite long though and I did not finish.

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