Ignored Week

An even week has gone by since the last post and I’m not inclined to bother covering it much. Classes were fine, overall. Things were looking up this weekend with the Raiders finally winning a football game. Although Tulane lost to LSU this weekend, they played quite well. I was more impressed with their performance this weekend than their win the previous week.The office was very quiet today. We only had a couple patients and Dad was gone for a few hours. After work, Dad took me to school with time to spare before Louisiana History Class this evening. The first half of the class discussed a book about Marie Laveau. I fully intended to read the book. I ordered it a few weeks ago but I’m still waiting for it. I did, however, pass the quiz on the book I didn’t read last time. The second half of class was about late Spanish Louisiana and the Louisiana Purchase.Class ended just in time for me to catch the shuttle downtown. Dad picked me up at the medical school and took me the rest of the way home. I watched Boston Legal this evening and later started watched a movie.The Zune 2 was announced this evening. As a Zune owner this was of interest to me. While I’m not thrilled with the new hardware, I did find some of the news quite fascinating. All the new features available on the new Zunes will also be made available to early adopters of the first generation Zune. I think this is pretty awesome, rewarding those early adopters that put faith in this new brand. It sure would be nice if Apple was interested in maintaining support for their two year-old products rather than soldering the batteries to the main board and expecting their “iSheep” to buy new iPods every 18 months.

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