Damn! It’s Hot Outside!

August first is a bit of a physiological barrier. The end of summer finally seems near. Lofty goals set at the beginning seem dead. This week I finally got around to paying my bill and registering for classes in the fall. The class I want on Monday night is full but I’m optimistic. Beyond that I’m ready to go.This past Friday was a rather hectic one at work. I ran the office myself for a while and we had a ‘problematic’ new patient. He held up our schedule quite about, no doubt to the displeasure of our other new patients.I was at home for the better part of the weekend, although I did accompany my parents to a huge furniture store to look for a new sofa. They didn’t find anything they liked and they don’t stock futons so I didn’t see anything interesting either.I didn’t get that much in the line of work accomplished today. I went to the post office to mail some things. Dad and I stopped for lunch on the way to the Metairie office. I barely made a dent in the dictation today. Tomorrow might be better.After work Dad and I went to Don’s house in Kenner to return the computer I foxed for him a while back. I only expected to be there a few minutes but they had a problem with the net access and it turned into a two hour affair. We finally got home shortly before nine.

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