Week of August 6

By and large this was a quiet week and hot. Some of the days were not as productive as I would have liked. There were a couple days where I got a lot done though. My family left town Thursday afternoon so I ran the office both those days. Luckily, both days were uneventful so I didn’t have any serious problems to deal with.I had the house to myself this weekend. I didn’t have much luck finding company for something to do and it was much too hot for me to be motivated to go anywhere by myself so I just stayed home. Between chores, my computer and the TV, I managed to waste my time quite nicely.The HD-DVD player I ordered, a Toshiba HD-A2, finally arrived this Friday. The first thing I watched with it was the first three episodes of Planet Earth, the BBC miniseries. The pictures were absolutely stunning, both just being incredible material and the high resolution of my new hardware. The only trouble now is I want a bigger TV.

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