Out With the Old, In With the… Less Old

The summer is passing as it does, work is dull and that’s about it. We did make a rather fundamental change around the office in switching to a digital voice recorder. The cumbersome nature of microcassette tapes has been a consistent source of drama over the past few years. I’ve been trying to convince Dad to give this a shot for a while and it seems to be working well. It has rained quite a lot lately, almost every day.A couple weeks ago, I sold my Sony Vaio SRX77 laptop and bought a slightly newer Vaio, a TR series. It was hard to part with the old one, as I have put a lot of money and effort into it over last couple years. However, I got over it as soon as I had my new one in hand. The switch was cheap when you factor in the sale, but I’ve been putting a lot of money into it since then. I upgraded the hard drive, DVD burner, added RAM and have attempted to buy parts to fix the camera. I’ve spent a lot of time these past two weeks getting my laptop set just so. I also spent time with a couple other computers for work. One of them was broken and listed the spare parts on eBay along with a few other items, including spare parts I had left over from my old Vaio.

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