July to Now

Having let yet another few weeks lapse since the last entry, I suppose I should really rename this column to simply “The Log” since there’s nothing daily about it anymore.Generally speaking, this month has been going by rather quietly. With little diversion, the routine of work is generally unbroken. I’m home in the evening maybe watch a movie and talk to Krystle. It rained on the fourth of July and the family and myself went out to dinner and a movie, Ratatouille. I bought a new keyboard for my laptop a couple weeks ago and got a great deal on it. I may sell my little Vaio this week, however as I think I can get a good price for it.This past weekend, I bought a new Dremel and did some on my computer case, cutting out the fan grills in the front and back. This increases airflow and reduces noise. I’ll be posting some pictures of the work online soon. I recently bought an old Sony portable CD player, the D-EJ01, circa 2000. It may be the only portable CD player with a slot-loading mechanism as opposed to a lid. I got a good price for the unit that originally retailed for $450. It had some problems but I was able to fix all of them, which was pretty awesome. I’m not sure why I bought it though. It’s not like I have much use for a CD player since I already have two DAPs and my phone.

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