The Police: Live in Concert

Once again, I am starting a post talking about how I haven’t been posting, with another two weeks gone by. There have been a few occasions worthy of their own entries. On June 20, Dad and I went to the last Wednesday at the Square concert which featured Bag of Donuts. They’re kind of a mix of a KISS tribute band and your basic cover band with a slight New Orleans flair.This past weekend, my family drove out to Slidell for a family gathering of a purpose I cannot recall with guests I mostly can’t recall either. It was interesting enough with good food. I really do wish I could remember the people who were there. I’m bad with names.Aside from those two days, it’s pretty much been business as usual. Work is what it is. I’ve started work on the next version of this website. That is to say I’ve been thinking and doodling.This evening, the family and I went to the New Orleans Arena to see The Police in concert as part of their reunion tour. Dad bought tickets for the concert as soon as we first heard they would have a concert here in New Orleans, which was almost as much of a surprise as The Police doing a reunion tour.I’ve been a causal Sting fan for a while and I know Dad has been fond of his music as well so for many years so this was a real treat. Although I’ve been to more than my fair share of live musical performances, tonight was my first concert of this variety with one band in an arena/stadium setting.The concert opened with a 40ish minute set by Fiction Plane, a band headed by Sting’s son, Joe Sumner. They were a perfectly decent opening act.What can I say about The Police concert? It was totally awesome. I could say that ’cause it was. I’m not a music critic so I can’t eloquently comment on the conundrum between altering the music for artistic purposes and being just a human jukebox. What I can say is the music sounded great and I had a really good time. There will be a review or two that will say it better than I can.I was up rather late (or early) that night as I just wasn’t even tired until three.

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