My Lai

I worked at the mid city office from about 11 to five this afternoon. There was a little dictation to work on but I depended on petty tasks to keep me occupied most of the day. Dad took me to class after we left the office.This evening’s “cold war history” class concerned the My Lai Massacre and America’s entry to the Vietnam War. Class started with a quiz on a book about My Lai, which the class was to read last week. Luckily the quiz was multiple-choice which made things quite easy as I’m not very good with names. Professor Fontenot lectured for an hour about our entry into the Vietnam War. He only got as far as the Kennedy assassination as the topic is obviously complicated.At the end of class, we got our mid-term exams back. I got a C-, which was quite a relief as I thought I bombed the test. I did quite poorly on the main essay which the instructor graded rather generously.Dad picked me up after class. Had it ended earlier we might have gone to the baseball game this evening but it was a bit late for that. Later this evening, I watched The Exorcist, a rather draining experience.

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