Weekend + Monday

On Saturday Morning, Andrey and I drove back to New Orleans, or rather he drove. Before we left, Bianca cooked us a nice breakfast. She was a wonderful host during our stay. I only worry she preoccupies herself with the satisfaction of others and forgets to enjoy herself. The ride back was fine. We did hit a delay on the Bonnie Carrie Spillway. The only reason we had to be back so soon is because Andrey had to be for work at four o’clock. It must have sucked for him as he’s a delivery driver, so he was still in his car after the five hour trip home. The rest of that day was pretty uneventful.I went to church on Sunday, the first time in a few weeks. Dad and I have been going to the Sunday afternoon baseball games. They were away at Marshall this weekend, where they won all three games. That evening, I watched the series finale of Rome and the season finale of Battlestar Galactica.Today, Monday, I went to work with dad around 11 this morning. We stopped at Mid City before making our way to Metairie. I did a little dictation this afternoon and showed Darnisha how to do discharge reports, or started anyway. Dad and I left the office shortly before five this evening. The lecture of tonight’s sparsely attended IT ethics class was about privacy, or the lack thereof. The lecture was mercifully short and we were dismissed just after 7:30. Dad had just pulled up to take me home and we arrived just after eight. I watched 24 this evening and later saw Finding Neverland while working on last Friday’s entry.

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