Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

This post covers last Thursday through the weekend. This week’s colonial Louisiana history class was about Louisiana’s early economy which shifted from tobacco to cotton and sugar. We finally got our mid-terms back. I got a C, which was what I was expecting.After work on Friday, Dad and I went to the mall before heading out to Zephyr Field. I bought a few items of clothing and went to a camera shop to look for a camera bag. Id didn’t find anything I liked though. While I was there I tried out the EF 100-400mm f/4-5.6 IS lens on my camera, which I had with me. It’s a great piece of glass, surprisingly light, but I don’t have $1,500 burning a hole in my pocket.Tulane played the first game of the series against East Carolina tonight. It was another pitcher’s duel. Sean Morgan played a good game getting ten strikeouts, although he didn’t have his best stuff this evening. Even so, East Carolina was held to six hits and only one run in the second. In the bottom of the forth, Tulane scored two runs on three hits. At the time I wouldn’t have guessed that one run lead would hold out the rest of the game, but it did. The final was 2-1.Saturday’s game was much less of an ordeal. After Carolina scored a leadoff run, Tulane answered with three in the bottom of the third. Tulane scored two more in the fifth, one in the sixth and two in the seventh. The final score was 8-2.Tulane didn’t fare so well on Sunday. They managed to get a 7-2 lead but ECU scored six runs in the seventh and three more in the ninth to come back and win. It was rather hard to watch. It was like Tulane was on cruise control after two relatively easy wins against a good, conference team.

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