Full Day

Today was a reasonably busy day compared to most… by my standards. I had Dad drop me off on Frenchman St. this morning in lieu of going straight to work. I met Christy for lunch at 13 Monaghan’s, a place I’ve walked past countless times but I never knew they served food. Although I talk to Christy online with reasonable frequency, I think it’s been well over a year since I’ve seen her in person for any significant length of time. I arrived first sometime before 11 and she followed not long after that. We both ordered sandwiches. Between the bar and Washington Park after, we talked for a couple of hours, mostly about what we’ve been up to lately. We parted ways shortly after one and I took the streetcar down Canal St. to the Mid City office.I don’t remember doing much in the line of work at the office. Anyway, we left sometime around five, I think. After we left the office, Dad took me to Tulane for class this evening. I had a mid term exam in my US foreign policy class, which I think I did rather poorly on. Neglecting the read the entire book on John Dulles really did me in. I read a couple chapters but apparently not the ones that mattered. Consequently, I finished rather quickly.Dad was waiting for me when I finished and we went out to Zephyr Field. Tulane played UNO this evening. As this entry is late I don’t remember many details of the game. I do remember it was certainly a pitcher’s duel. Tulane scored one run in the first and one more in the fourth, and that was it. The final score was 2-0.

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