Siena Swept

This post covers Wednesday through Sunday well it actually ignores Wednesday and Thursday because my memory isn’t that good. There’s no loss though, as the only events of remote circumstance were the baseball games I went to this weekend.Dad and I went to all three games versus Siena College of New York, all of which were shutouts. Sean Morgan pitched a great game on Friday, breaking the strikeout record he tied last week with 14 strikeouts in a single game. On Friday, Tulane scored six runs, two in the 4th and 4 in the fifth on four hits and three Siena errors. It was cold and windy this Friday evening so Dad and I left the game early after the fifth, confident that the match was decided, which it was.Shooter hunt pitched on Saturday and also had a good showing, allowing only three hits. The final score of this game was just 2-0. It was a remarkably quick game clocking in at 2:05.Tulane broke out of their hitting slump during today’s 19-0 game. It was all goose eggs until the bottom of the fifth when Tulane scored nine runs on seven hits started off by a hit to center field wall by McFadden. It looked like a T-ball game.Jared Dyer homered to score one run in the sixth. In the seventh, Seth Henry hit a home run as well, scoring three more runs. In the bottom of the either, Tulane scored six more runs on five hits. The final score was 19-0. The only ‘bad news’ was that Tulane stranded 16 baserunners on the pads, a recurring theme at Tulane games.There’s one more little thing worth having in the log. I bought a “new” digital camera on eBay this week, which I took to the baseball games, a Canon 10D, a four year-old digital SLR. I’ve wanted one of these for quite some time but they’re prohibitively expensive, especially for a kid who just takes pictures as a casual hobby. Assuming the shutter on this camera doesn’t break within the year, I got a great deal on this camera, which actually came with a 24-85mm lens. It’s a fun camera to shoot as you can snap away to you hearts content with the burst mode and memory buffer. Even though you could consider the 10D obsolete, it still takes pretty good pictures. However I’ve found the included lens isn’t remarkably sharp on the far end. I also scored a 50mm f/1.4 so I’ll soon have a good idea of what this camera is capable of without dropping two grand on glass. With Jazz Fest coming up I wanted something better than the Sony point and shoot I have now. I really wanted to like and buy the Sony F828, which has a design I love, but this camera has inferior image quality and is going for about the same price as the 10D so purchasing it didn’t make much sense to me.

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