Baseball & Jazz

Dad and I arrived at the Mid City office at about 10:30 this morning. With all my dictation done yesterday, I didn’t have much to do at the office. I did finally get around to routing some phone cables in the baseboards. I went to lunch not long after 11. I walked along Carrollton to a place called Little Tokyo. It’s a very decent looking place and the food was good. It was nearly empty when I arrived, however. I had the beef teriyaki which was a well-portioned dish either that or it seemed that way because it took me so long to eat with the chopsticks.At about one, Dad and I left to go out the Metairie office to get some things done. The billing and phone list were three months out of date. There were some other things I wanted to get done but I didn’t get around to it. We left the office at four and went to the mall for a little while before driving out to Zephyr field for this evening’s baseball game.Tulane played the first of three games versus Loyola-Marymount tonight. It was a pitcher’s duel the whole way. Sean “The Captain” Morgan pitched nine innings for Tulane and gave a phenomenal performance. He tied a career record with 13 strikeouts and he did it in exactly 100 pitches. He walked nobody, allowed only five runs and one hit. Coach Rick Jones said it was one of the “greatest performances that I’ve seen.” It was very exciting to watch.There was no scoring until the fifth inning when Marymount managed to get a run in. Tim Guidry answered in the bottom half with a home run, tying the score at one. In the bottom of the sixth, Warren McFadden homered as well, driving in two run and giving Tulane the lead. Tulane extended the lead in the bottom of the eighth with another run on two hits. That was the rest of the scoring, Tulane won with a final of 4-1.After the game which ended around nine, Dad drove me down to Frenchman St. I met Andrey and two of his friends, Veronica and Shona, for a show at Snug Harbor this evening. Ellis Marsalis was doing his usual Friday night show with two accompanying musicians and a couple of guests. Herlin Riley was on the drums, Peter Harris played bass and Roman Skakun was a special guest on the xylophone.I’m not in the mood to type up a play by play of the 10 o’clock set. Suffice it to say, it was one of the best Ellis Marsalis performances I’ve seen, second only to the first time I saw him at Snug Harbor when Ellis’s sons were with him. The music was great, more up-tempo than the last couple times I’ve seen him and there were a few good quips between the numbers.After the show, we stood outside on Frenchman St. and talked for a little while and were entertained by a street performer. After that I walked with them back to Andrey’s car and said good bye. I walked back to d.b.a. where my Dad had been late this evening. After hanging around there briefly we both went home.

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